It worked for me… Mood Monsters

Hi Aly and Kelly,

I just wanted to thank you for your ‘BuildHappy Mood Monster’ course.

I am delighted to say that since your training in March this year I have been able to use my new skills using Lego with a selective mute child in Year 2, which has had successful results!

This child was unable to access the phonics Test Assessment in Year 1 and has recently taken the test and managed to get 39/40!

We have been working together since April 1-1 after school for an hour, using the skills that you have both taught me.

I am thrilled that the child has been able to come out of her shell, she had been ‘locked in’ with adults in school for some time but now can put her hand up in class, answer questions and is beginning to even talk when she shouldn’t be!

We will continue this work in September due to transition concern – Yr2 into Yr 3.

The recent Thera-build course has given me even more knowledge to extend my work with this child which I will adapt to meet her needs which essentially is the whole approach to both courses which is absolutely fab!

Your continued support is most valuable as I know that I can email you whenever I’m in doubt!

Thanks again!

Adriana Sklenar, Family Support, Hesters Way Primary School