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Why I love a bit of mindfulness

In my teaching career, one of my work friends affectionately referred to be as being a bit ‘Hippy Jo Jo’. I’ll take that, I always have kept an open mind when it comes to introducing an approach that may be seen as alternative. It was the same friend who put me on to mindfulness some years back, ‘See what you can find ... More

Consent – not just for teenagers

A few years ago, I was involved in writing some teaching materials on the theme of consent. It was a useful resource and well suited to the target age group but was very much aimed at teenagers; now, that’s fine if the issue of consent started and ended there. It doesn’t. Consent is an essential concept that needs to be ... More

What does school uniform teach our girls?

So, I have this thing about school uniform; with school shoes in particular. I don’t feel that they are an appropriate choice for children. I have two daughters at primary school and throughout their time so far, their shoes generally get trashed within a few weeks of buying them, not because they don’t care about their ... More