So, who is LearnHappy?

Well, quite simply, LearnHappy is me, Kelly Green and a group of rather fabulous friends that I’ve met along my professional journey. What brought us together was a key driver; wellbeing. As a team, we are passionate about improving health and wellbeing outcomes for children, families and adults in the workplace.

What do we do?

We will work with you to improve wellbeing in a realistic and sustainable way.

Between us we have extensive knowledge and experience as educators, writers, trainers and consultants.

An initial consultation with a client would highlight possible themes for exploration; this would be particularly helpful if the support was needed at an organisational level.

You may come to us knowing exactly what you want support with or with a specific interest in one of our off the shelf resource options; see our Projects & Services page for more information.

How do we do it?

Whether you go for off the shelf or tailored support, we can offer services including:

Resource development

Pupil support – one to one, small group or whole class

Parent workshops

Staff training

Sessions for groups (clubs, care providers)

Wellbeing consultation


Whatever your wellbeing needs may be we are the team to help you.

We won’t come armed with a magic wand, but we’ll certainly help you find your own fairy dust!


Kelly Green, Creator of LearnHappy

Kelly Green is a wellbeing specialist who is passionate about improving health and wellbeing outcomes for children, their families and for adults in the workplace.

Kelly has a particular interest in developing emotional awareness and self regulation, drawing from a range of techniques and approaches, including mindfulness, neuroscience, emotion coaching and positive touch.

As a former primary school teacher and Healthy Schools Lead Teacher, Kelly offers a range of services and support, including resource development, training, consultation and pupil sessions around the central theme of wellbeing.