So, who is LearnHappy?

LearnHappy is me, Kelly Green, and I am a specialist teacher. I’m passionate about improving health and wellbeing outcomes for children, their families and for adults in the workplace.

My particular interest is in developing emotional awareness and self-regulation, drawing from a range of techniques and approaches, including; mindfulness, positive touch, neuroscience and emotion coaching.

I have previously worked as a primary school teacher, Healthy Schools Lead Teacher and as an educational consultant. My time is currently shared between specialist teaching, resource development and staff training around the central theme of wellbeing.

What I offer

Whether you go for off the shelf or tailored support, I can offer services including:

Resource development

Pupil support – one to one, small group or whole class

Parent workshops

Staff training

Sessions for groups (clubs, care providers)

Wellbeing consultation


Whatever your wellbeing needs may be, I can help.