mood-monsters1We are a partnership dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of children and young people through the medium of LEGO®

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BuildHappy Mood Monsters – Exploring emotions & building resilience

mood-monsters2This resource has been designed for use within primary education as a specialist intervention to help children identify the range of emotions they experience, to understand how these emotions can affect them, to support the development of strategies for managing these emotions and to recognise the part they play in shaping their own future.

We use LEGO® to build resilience and engineer purposeful conversation.

The activities utilise the literal and metaphorical use of bricks and elements to promote expression, collaboration and meaningful communication. As the activities progress, children will continually explore problem solving and the value of making mistakes during active learning.

The conversations are designed to encourage the sharing of experiences and strategies for coping with difficult feelings and situations. Children are empowered through taking greater responsibility in managing their feelings and in turn developing greater self-reliance in selecting appropriate coping strategies.




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living wellBuildHappy Living Well Activity Pack 

A simple and fully accessible resource to facilitate meaningful connection and conversation between older people and their families and carers, using LEGO.

This is not a medical intervention.

The resource is designed to be an enjoyable, positive experience and may be used with other creative media if preferred.

  • Promotes positive well-being.
  • Provides a sensory experience.
  • Aids memory.
  • Encourages connection through a shared building experience and conversation.
  • Occupies intergenerational family groups in a playful, constructive activity.
  • Great for people who are living with Dementia.


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BuildHappy Dealing With Loss 

the loss resourceThe resource is aimed principally at children of primary school age who have experienced a loss of their familiar life through experiences such as separation, imprisonment of a parent/carer, bereavement, gender-reassignment of a parent/carer, job commitments of a parent/carer or indeed any other significant event that has disrupted the life of the child. This resource acknowledges the challenges faced for all involved. Children may feel hurt, helpless, confused, anxious or scared by the changes they will face.

This approach is designed to encourage children to:

  • Communicate their thoughts and feelings about their individual loss experience through the medium of LEGO® modelling.
  • Talk about their circumstances openly and provide opportunities to ask questions.
  • Provide children with a safe space without fear of judgement, or of upsetting a loved one.
  • Develop positive strategies for managing their feelings and behaviours as they embark on working through the practicalities of their new family situation.
  • Look positively to the future.

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