Workplace Wellbeing


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Increasingly, employers are seeing the necessity of investment in their most valuable asset; their employees. In a culture that sees growing problems with poor mental health, it is vital that we do more to improve the happiness and well-being of the workforce.

Happiness and well-being consultation service available now

Bespoke models of support are tailored to the needs of your workforce resulting in practical, sustainable changes to make a positive impact.

Well-being Workshop Team Building Events

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coverLearnHappy Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Schools is a practical resource for settings that wish to improve wellbeing in a meaningful and sustainable way. The resource guides users through a simple process that will uncover pressure points and will scaffold schools in addressing identified needs in a way that is both manageable and realistic.

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Free Resources for the workplace

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing is an evidenced-based model that highlights key aspects in shaping our wellbeing. They can be summarised as connect, take notice, give kindness, keep learning and be active.

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How to use:

Select well-being poster and print off

Snip up the dotted lines to create tear off strips

Attach the poster to a frequently viewed space (back of toilet door, notice board etc.)

Set the example by tearing off a strip and sharing with a colleague

Enjoy promoting well-being for yourself and your colleagues!